Chicago fire fanfiction severide car accident

Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Chicago Fire. Shay replied just checking Kelly took a quick shower He got dress and headed downstairs Shay was eating her precious yogurt While Kelly ate Cereal Shay smiled As she grab his keys Kelly shook his head Shay laughed As she knew he hate anyone else touching his car Kelly finish eating As they rush out Shay and Kelly were last one to arrive As they walk in Peter Mills was cooking He was talking to Gaby Kelly drinking coffee When he overheard Peter talking about his high school friend Lauren She was helping out the restaurant While Peter was at the station Shay: Should Gaby be jealous?

Shay: I don't count. Kelly noticed her brown honey eyes and redlipstick Lauren :In a minute Shay look at kelly Lauren was confused Kelly: Can I ask you something? Kelly:How do you know Casey? Lauren: I met him several years ago Shay: Where? Lauren wonder why they were asking so questions As she was going to answer Peter's mom came from the kitchen She said : Lauren you go now Lauren nodded and told them to have a good night Kelly eyes follow her Shay:She didn't answer the question Gaby: maybe they date Kelly: and their still that friendly?

Peter: she is like guys Kelly laughed Shay : very funny but what's her deal? Kelly look at Lauren As she gave Otis his hamburgers and fries Peter: nothingwas she rude to you?

Severide is Investigated in a Hit-and-Run Accident in a ‘Chicago Fire’ + ‘P.D.’ Crossover

Kelly : Home. Lauren got up Casey:You are leaving me Lauren: yes enjoy your night with your friends Kelly smiled at her Lauren: I would love to hang out with you but I have to work in six hours Casey:You have two jobs Lauren: This one doesn't count Casey:oh Lauren:I'm helping Pete's mom out until she found a waitress Kelly try to moved out the way But Lauren bump into him Laure:I'm sorry Kelly:It's fine Casey: You can barely deal with one beer Lauren: look who talking?

Kelly my car is over their Lauren :you drive that? Chapter 1: Severide 2. Chapter 2: Spill 3. Chapter 3 : Accident 4. Chapter 4: Hike 5.

Chapter 5: Spending time 6. Chapter 6: Misunderstanding 7. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

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Matt Casey storms out of 51 and no one knows why. Captain Casey is no longer a member of the CFD. Over six months down the line, Severide life hangs in the balance at Med and Matt is on his way. As Severide is in critical condtion, some suprises are revealed and answers are given.

Six months down the line, Severide is in critical condition at MED but the Casey that turns up itsn't who they were expecting and they are in for a lot of surpises. But is everything for the worse? A collection of drabbles and short stories about the relationship and friendship between Casey and Severide.

An orphanage fire after an already gruelling shift takes an unexpected turn when one of their own is left fighting for his life.

When one of their own goes missing after a long night at Molly's after a few too many, all of Firehouse 51 will do everything they can to make sure their own comes home safe. And maybe, just maybe, it's not him walking around the streets of Chicago drunk that they should be worried about. Maybe they should be worried about all the things that are happening to him that nobody can ever see.

Severide is at MED with minor injuries and Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Halstead take care of him. Casey is worried for him but he cannot see him but he stays there anyway.

chicago fire fanfiction severide car accident

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Get an Invitation. Navigation and Actions Works Bookmarks Filters.Summary: They're still firefighters, but other than that this doesn't really follow the series. Already established relationship, and pure fluff. Reviews loved! Author's Note: It totally baffles me how there aren't more slash fics with this pairing. I'm in the middle of several long works between two different pennames at the moment, so my first contribution to this fandom is going to be a oneshot.

Once I wrap things up on my old pseudonym, I've decided to make this one my permanent "home," at which point I'll write something a lot longer for our favorite firehouse boys. In the meantime, consider this a teaser for what's to come! Reviews are loved and most appreciated! By the way, the hash tags are to separate the past from the present. Severide was not typically an early riser on his days off, but on this morning he finds himself wide awake just a few hours shy of daybreak.

He lets out a soft sigh and takes great care not to rouse the person whose head is resting on his chest as he attempts to adjust himself into a more comfortable position. Once he settles the best he can, he looks down at the man in his arms and his mind wanders off, recounting events from the previous night.

The last call of their shift was the roughest one, but they hadn't known that at the time. An apartment building had caught on fire, and the usual team was sent out for duty. Despite their best efforts the blaze had eventually gotten out of their control. Chief Boden gave the order for his team to retreat the minute he sensed the building was going to cave in on itself.

Outside, Severide had held his breath in anticipation, as he so often did. He became especially agitated when he noticed Casey was nowhere in sight. He knew the blonde's natural instinct to play the role of White Knight, and as much as he understood and was guilty of the same, it didn't change the fact that he wished the man just wouldn't.

When Hermann and Cruz, both of whom had also been missing, appeared from the building with no Casey trailing behind them, Severide could no longer keep his cool. He approached Boden. I'll get him out. Casey knows the risks just as well as the rest of us do. No one's going in. There is no time. You're right.

We all know the risks. You know what else? Getting suspended for disobeying the direct order of my superior? I'll take that risk. You have a responsibility to your team as a leader.Hey there devoted readers! Here is my Hurt! Severide oneshot. I know a lot of people prefer Matt to be the one injured or hurting but Sev's gotta have his chance right?

This is based one something I went through a few weeks ago, except on a plane.

Severide ARRESTED and Accused For Homicide - Chicago P.D.

It started out as any other call; sirens blasting as the trucks zoomed to a house fire. Truck scrambled to clear the building of any occupants while Squad moved to vent the house.

It was routine; all occupants out alive, the fire quickly controlled, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Then, things changed in an instant, chaos erupting from the smoky interior. Pieces of the staircase began to collapse, debris falling on the unsuspecting firemen.

Coughing in the undercurrent of ash and smoke, Matt stood up, brushing off the debris. The members of 51 began to call out an affirmative to their lieutenant, each brushing their jackets off. Squad did the same, each helping one another up. House 51 began to file out of the house, Boden's orders coming in loud and clear over the radio. Severide was the last to stand, his helmet lying near his feet. Kelly nodded, snagging his fallen helmet.

Board caught me off guard and knocked my helmet off. For the rest of shift, Severide insisted he was fine; no concussion, no stitches needed, no lasting damage. Much to Matt's dismay, Shay backed up the Squad Lieutenant's story, giving him a clean bill of health, aside from the suggestion to take ibuprofen for any headache he was hiding. The blonde man shook his head, causing the paramedic to laugh.

I don't know…". For the next two shifts, the blonde counterparts did as they'd said, dutifully keeping an eye on the Squad Lieutenant. Though the nagging feeling never quit for Matt, he eventually decided to let it go.

Kelly Severide

Kelly seemed normal, and the older man wouldn't put up with his shadowing for much longer. So Matt ran a hand through his hair and returned to his office to work on paperwork. If Kelly said he was fine then he was fine, and Matt would leave it at that. Severide scrubbed a hand over his face, reclining in his usual chair.

His blonde friends had been far too sneaky in recent days and it was beginning to concern him. Either one by themselves was dangerous, well more Shay than Matt, but together? They were a force to be reckoned with, or at least concerned by. However, any further concern was put aside as a call rang out; Squad was needed for a possibly car in the water. Kelly moved on autopilot, throwing on his firefighting garb and grabbing his dive equipment as he ran to the truck. The drive to the scene passed quickly, each squad member mentally preparing for the job at hand.

Pulling up to the scene, Kelly jumped out, quickly assessing the accident. There appeared to be only one car involved, swerved into the guard rail and hanging precariously over the water.Lieutenant Kelly Severide is a firefighter and the company officer the second shift of Rescue Squad 3. Severide is known as a "ladies man". He is portrayed by Taylor Kinney.

Kelly is dedicated to his position in Rescue Squad and he is proud to be there and is happy that he did not need the help of his father to get where he is today.

Severide has many ex-girlfriends and flings, however the only relationships that seem to last are friendships rather than relationships, like with his best friend Leslie Shayhis half-sister Katie Nolanand fellow firefighter Matt Casey. He also has an unknown amount of brothers from his father, Benny Severide's marriage to his step-mother. Severide and Casey are still dealing with the death of one of their team members, Andy. There's tension between Truck 81 and Squad 3 regarding the situation - Severide at the time blames Casey for letting Andy go into the fire while Casey blames Severide for not warning them about the vents which caused the explosion.

During this, Severide is suffering from an injury in his arm. He makes an appointment, where the doctor tells him that they will need to operate and he won't be able to work for a year. He ignores the instructions, the doctor warns him the pain and injury will worsen but he refuses to have surgery.

Shayhis best friend, and roommate help him when he asks for stronger painkillers by taking them from the ambulance. Eventually, the pain worsens and he asks for more, she tells him to get surgery and stop his childless. He turns to an old girlfriend instead, who gets him much stronger and illegal medication.

He keeps taking them until a drug test is ordered on all the firefighters after a case they work on. He tries to delay the test but is unable to, Shay finds out and helps him. She gets very frustrated at him and leaves their apartment. After she's in an accident, he asks her to come back but she refuses as he's still taking the medication. He eventually turns to Dawson for help and books an appointment with the doctor and Shay moves back in.

Even though the injury is exaggerated at the beginning, he's released quickly and is back on Squad in no time. Severide reconnects with his father, Benny Severide who comes to visit Firehouse 51 as he served there with Henry Mills and Chief Boden. Tensions arise between him and Chief regarding the death of Henry Mills.

Boden tells Severide to tell his father not to come back, but he does so anyway. A fight breaks out between Benny and Peter Mills when Benny tells Peter that his father's and the other firefighter's death was his own fault. He also tells Severide to not trust Mills.

chicago fire fanfiction severide car accident

This reversely encourages Severide to trust Mills even more and even go as far as to visit Mills at home after his and Benny's fight and move him over to Squad 3.

He tells him which courses to go to - Chief Boden supports his decision to make Mills the youngest transfer to Squad, this doesn't sit well with Casey, who feels he isn't ready. Severide is targeted by an arsonist twice before realizing that the arsonist is targeting firefighters.

He makes the connection that the arsonist is also a firefighter, most likely Kevin Hadley. When he goes to see Hadley, he hints that he's the arsonist but they have no proof, they eventually catch him and he's arrested. Severide also meets his sister, Katie Nolan, for the first time.

He tries to connect with her but she initially refuses, not wanting to be left hanging again like Benny did to her. However, she quickly changes her mind and comes to visit 51, bringing them dishes occasionally, being a chef. Severide is also the only one who attends her graduation to be a professional chef since her mother doesn't have time. During her visits at firehouse 51, she meets Otis and starts dating him with Severide always watching out for her.

However, she's kidnapped by 2 men with a vendetta against Severide. They attack her badly and she tells Severide that even though she loves him, she's accepting a job offer in another state and moves away.I've been rock climbing half my life Casey — I've got this! Staring at her he nodded quickly "Suit up," He turned back to the truck! Less than two minutes later Dawson and Casey had climbed over the twisted remains of the guardrail and were skillfully making their way down the rocky embankment to their injured and still immobile friend.

Casey's pulse was pounding, not from exertion but from fear for his friend and a fear about what the hell had happened. One minute Kelly Severide had been at the edge of this same cliff, successfully completing the last few inches of the rescue of the ejected driver from the car accident that had called them all out here.

The next minute…Casey's mind flashed again to the moment at the top where he had glanced over and saw Severide grab for purchase in the loose gravel that dusted up and followed him over the edge as he disappeared.

It took mere seconds but it seemed to play infinitesimally slower in Casey's head. Kelly looked…confused.? The rescue stretcher holding the driver had partially blocked Casey's view as Severide waited for the man to be pulled clear so he too could come up.

Casey paused in his descent allowing Dawson to split away from him as they neared Severide and she moved to get closer to their friends upper body. He knew she would check his vitals first before assessing his wounds. He held his breath as Dawson reached for the vein in Severide's neck. He did not answer her. Steadying herself against the tree so as not to jostle her patient she reached for a clasp dreading what it might reveal.

That jumpsuit could be all that is holding him from falling the rest of the way down this cliff. Casey looked up the 30 foot embankment to the top and yelled "I need a C-collar and a rescue stretcher down here now! That explained his lack of consciousness. See if you can tell me how much of that tree we have to take out of here with him!

Severide is Investigated in a Hit-and-Run Accident in a ‘Chicago Fire’ + ‘P.D.’ Crossover

Snapping them on she reached to slip her hand inside her injured friends clothing guiding her hand towards the painfully sharp blood covered tree limbs that jutted out of Severide's jumpsuit.

Casey watched as Dawson pulled her hand out of the jumpsuit and sees it covered in Severide's blood. Casey searched her face for a clue to the worst he was afraid to imagine. You get the collar on so we can keep his head immobile. Then your whole job will be to keep pressure on those wounds.

Got it? I am going to presume he's got come cracked ribs. He's got a good gash on his head too," Dawson answered. When Casey looked back to Dawson she was looking at Severide's face and said "He's got a good friction burn here on his jaw he must have pulled right out his helmet, probably got caught and he was hanging by his helmet before it ripped off landing him down here.

Some loose rocks showered around them as Cruz climbed down next to Casey at Severide's feet. Casey reaches into the stretcher and retrieves the C-Collar and maneuvers himself to hand it to Dawson. After she has it secured around Severide's neck Cruz moves to position himself around and past Dawson at Severide's head.

Dawson opens the medical zip pouch that is attached to the stretcher and grabs out gauze pads to staunch the wounds in Severide's side. She can see Casey expertly cutting away limbs to ease the stretcher closer to their injured friend.

chicago fire fanfiction severide car accident

Without words they work as a team and quickly have him transferred into the stretcher, turned and readied for the accent up the embankment. Start the winch together with Dawson's line, give a 5 second delay then pull me and Cruz up behind them! Watch the lines and harnesses closely too I want everybody out of here safely". Casey watches as Dawson moves up the embankment and with only a few stumbles as she keeps her hand firmly in place on Severide's wounds.

They disappear over the top in to the helpful arms of their fellow firefighters. Casey manages the last few feet and steps up and clear of the embankment before shrugging out of his harness.He seemingly found it when he matched to be a bone marrow donor for Anna, a woman dying of cancer.

Could this be a future girlfriend for Kelly? It starting feeling that way when the flirting and future plans. Turns out the bone marrow transplant did not happen.

chicago fire fanfiction severide car accident

The chemo Anna received did more damage than anticipated and her immune system took a beating. Then, Kelly headed to the bar to drink off his sorrows rather than go to work. A little girl in the minivan was killed on her birthday as a result of the injuries she suffered in the crash. Erin and Voight found Kelly at his apartment with gash on his forehead. Initially, Kelly is the only suspect in the crash, but as the Intelligence Unit investigates, Kelly is looking less and less like the person who was behind the wheel.

The Intelligence Unit discovered a carjacking ring that started with the valet at the restaurant where Kelly was drinking. OneChicago pic. One of the carjackers admitted to hitting Kelly in the head and stealing his car. He and his accomplice sped away and crashed into the minivan. Thankfully, Kelly got released from jail because we were all so worried that he would become a convict … OK, not really. Maybe this is finally the wake-up call that Kelly needs. But all Kelly has to do is look around and see the people that care for him.

He named Stella his emergency contact, and she took the role very seriously. Erin had his back the entire time, even when it seemed Jay was a bit jealous. The crossover was solid, but it was obvious from the beginning that Kelly was not the perpetrator.

It was just a matter of getting to the part of the story where the fingers would point at someone else. I appreciate the writers not dragging out the storyline for the sake of a cheap thrill. Dawsey will always be there to support each other! The Louie storyline on Chicago Fire hits pretty hard for parents. The idea that Gabby and Casey could lose this boy is tough.

Of course, nothing quite works out. Andre seemed so adamant about meeting Louie and stalked their family that it seems a little unbelievable that he would just bail out on the meeting.

Monica Raymund has portrayed all of those emotions in this role. She has been the mom who will do anything to protect her kid, but also compassionate to the biological father.

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